September 2023

LEG Saar supports the renewed expansion of the Wadern commercial park

After the successful marketing of the first and second building sections, the Wadern `Am Hals` commercial park has again been enlarged. Together with Economics Minister Jürgen Barke, Mayor Jochen Kuttler reopened the extended commercial area on September 21.

As already during the implementation of the first and second building phases, the SHS subsidiary LEG Saar again supported the city with its project management in creating these new commercial surfaces. Managing Director Valentin Holzer is pleased that `LEG Saar, as a partner of the municipalities, could once more make a supportive contribution to improving an attractive business location in a rural area.` For him, the enlargement is `the groundbreaking development of another Saarland community`.
LEG Saar got involved in collaboration with the municipal company KEV. Apart from project management, its services also included financing (trust account management) and funding management. The construction of this third section of a size of 2 hectares (gross) lasted from September 2022 to June 2023.
The first two building sections cover areas of roughly 10 and 5 hectares (gross). The SHS subsidiary acted as business manager and was entrusted with the tasks of measurement, planning and construction, funding management, project management and marketing.

The commercial park is located centrally in the Hochwald, on the northwestern edge of the city of Wadern. It is directly linked to the Braunshausen/Kastel motorway access road and thus to the A1 north-south axis. No wonder that the commercial area is much sought-after by companies looking for a place to become relocated.