Environment and ecology

Transporting commodities by water has continually proven to be an ideal solution: no other method is so affordable, efficient and environmentally-friendly when flows of goods are examined from both an economic and an ecological perspective.

Fantastic energy

The cost price of a tonne-kilometre by ship is only around a third of the costs generated by rail transport. A high-performance inland vessel now transports around 4000 kg of load for every HP of engine power, compared with a train at 500 kg or a truck at just 150 kg. When it comes to primary energy consumption and exhaust emissions, ships are once again in pole position thanks to the lowest values by far.

Excellent for the environment

The port authorities are members of the ‘Umweltpakt Saar’ environmental pact and are certified to environmental standard DIN EN ISO 14001. In-house protective and waste disposal facilities are monitored and maintained far beyond official stipulations.