(All prices excl. statutory VAT)

Pierage for handling bulk goods

Goods class
Goods class I 0.56 EUR/t
Goods class II 0.56 EUR/t
Goods class III 0.38 EUR/t
Goods class IV 0.38 EUR/t
Goods class V 0.32 EUR/t
Goods class VI 0.28 EUR/t


Pierage for handling containers

(empty or loaded)
Per TEU 10.00 EUR


Pierage for handling heavy and bulky goods with individual weights of 25 t or over

up to 30 t 0.51 EUR/t
up to 40 t 0.82 EUR/t
up to 50 t 1.12 EUR/t
up to 60 t 1.43 EUR/t
up to 80 t 1.94 EUR/t
up to 100 t 2.45 EUR/t
up to 120 t 2.97 EUR/t
up to 160 t 3.78 EUR/t
up to 200 t 4.60 EUR/t
over 200 t 5.11 EUR/t


Use of the heavy-load quay in Saar port Saarlouis/Dillingen

Usage fee for the first day for total handling volume

up to 40 t 127.82 EUR
up to 80 t 230.08 EUR
up to 120 t 357.90 EUR
up to 160 t 485.73 EUR
up to 200 t 613.55 EUR
over 200 t 715.81 EUR

The rates given reduce by 50% for each subsequent day.


Railway usage fee

Per single wagon 8.85 €/wagon


Fees for the hire of the heavy-load quay, ro-ro ramp or temporary hire of storage areas upon request.


Maximum loads for port waterfront walls

Saar port Saarlouis/Dillingen
Heavy-load quay reinforced concrete waterfront wall (centrally loaded) 400 KN/m
Heavy-load quay surface 200 KN/m²
Reinforced concrete waterfront wall 250 KN/m
Steel sheet pile 0 KN/m
Surfaces up to 10 m behind waterfront wall 80 KN/m²
Commercial area surface load 200 KN/m²
Merzig port
Reinforced concrete wall (centrally loaded) 250 KN/m
Surface load up to 8 m behind reinforced concrete wall 100 KN/m²
Commercial area surface load 200 KN/m²
Völklingen port
Steel sheet pile 0 KN/m
Surface load up to 4 m behind waterfront wall 100 KN/m²
Commercial area surface load 100 KN/m²